Ghanta Ghar



It is also called a clock tower. The clock of the ghanta ghar runs on solar energy. It is also called Multan museum made by the government. Its construction was completed in 4 years. It was built on the ruins of Ahmed Khan Suri’s mansion. These building were fully opened in 1888 and offices were moved in it. And after independence of Pakistan, this hall was named Jinnah hall. This hall was used for cultural events and office meetings. And the public was not allowed to enter here. Then as the time passes the hall became insufficient for office and official programs. And now the building is being considered for a museum. The diameter of this circular intersection is 127m. Now this historical building is changed into 3D museum. The more work has been started to make this 3D. The idea of 3D model is under construction. The watch company RADO was done some effort. The three clocks were repaired and started again displaying the proper time of PST. The needles and machinery of clocks were changed while the main dial was unchanged.


This was constructed in 12 February 1884 A.D during British rule in British India. This building was completed after 4 years. The clock tower was named after Northbrook, A former ruler of India.

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