Lalusar Lake

Kaghan valley, Mahnsera district, kpk


It is situated at the distance of 48km from naran and located at the altitude of 3410 meters, It is one of the most attractive aesthetic place of Pakistan. Lalusar is a group of mountain so that’s why it is called Lalusar Lake because it lies between these mountains. This is also a main attraction for tourist and also for foreign tourist. It is situated in kaghan valley. It is situated about approximately 50 km from naran. It flows southwest through length of kaghan valley. This lake is covered by snow packed hills who’s white and purple forms reflected in green and blue water. Which attracts the tourist. It lies between the glaciers in winters and in summers it lies between the lush green meadows and high peaks. They always provide the stunning view, which attracts the millions of tourists. This colourful place fills the eyes of visitors with peacefulness. Road gone towards Lalusar Lake remains closed in winters due to heavy rainfall. This lake is also a main source of river kunhar.

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