Lake View Park



This is an amusement park. It is the large park. It is also called a wild park and adventure park. It also contain bird cage. It provides many services such that, It has sitting area, Boating area, Fishing area, Horse riding area, swimming area, Passenger road area, rock climbing jump, fancy aviary, rock climbing gym, picnic point and many more. This top places is considered one of the top area of Islamabad. It is built on the bank of the Rawal Lake. It is also a ideal place for kids. There are also refreshment centres. It is used as a venue for the musical and cultural programmes. It attracts the large number of tourist. This park also have natural beauty. It is also called the adventurous, wild life and amusement park. 


This park is named due to Rawal Lake. This is built for family enjoyment and for all age people.  

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