Gutwala Wildlife Park



It is located 14km away from Lahore zoo. It is the largest forest park in the Faisalabad. The main attraction for this park is bamboo growing area, canals flowing across park, largest greenery area and also two lakes across a park. And boating is done in one of them lake. And the other lake is a home for crocodile. It is a safe for people that they can see the crocodile for some distance. Rides have been setup in the centre of park for children. This park also have a natural and beautiful lake. It also has many types of beautiful and large birds. The crocodile farm id the main attraction of this park. It covers an area of 131 acres.


This park is constructed in 1985 by Punjab Forestry Department. It took 7 years to complete. The main purpose of created this park to create importance and awareness of animals and wildlife amongst people. Introducing a natural and wild animals. To provide a healthy and clean environment for animals.

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