Noor Mahal



This is open for public. This palace is under the control of army. This is a very beautiful palace. It has decorated ceilings, a very spacious hall and a large number of chandeliers. The front of the building is wonderfully complete. The English man designed this building. The design features the Islamic styles of architecture. This structure attracts many visitors. And in this palace there are many old things like old coins, swords, old piano which Nawab used to play and old currency, notes etc. that attracts the number of visitors. There is also a prison room on the side of the palace. And there is a huge wall on which the pictures of Nawab is placed and only one picture is real and the rest are imaginary.


Nawab Adnan Abbasi built this palace for his wife. Many of the items in the palace were imported from Italy and England. It was completed in 1875.

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